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About Our Routes

Our main route is the fictional Harcroft to Colliers Stone (Mainline) route. Set in North East England, the line travels through the rural countryside, through several small towns to the small mining town of Colliers’ Stone. The line is linked to the mainline, which with speeds reaching 90mph, is run by 170, 220/221 and HST trains to Wicker Junction, where the line splits for Heathton Central and Skipton-le-Champe.
Our other main route will be the Jubilee Line Extension (London Underground) by Kelvin Liu, which makes extensive use of photorealistic textures. The BVE version of the line is an exact copy of the real route. The route will run eventually run the entire length of the line, from Green Park to Stratford, but initial plans are for the route to terminate at Bermondsey for the first release.
Aside from these routes, several others are available to download. One of these is the Central Line for BVE4 and OpenBVE. This route is a non-fictional London Underground route which will eventually run from West Ruislip to White City; at present, it runs as far as Perivale. Another two of our routes, Aldwych branch (ex- LU Piccadilly Line) and Epping to Ongar (ex-LU Central Line), are by Kelvin Liu, one of our dedicated route developers, so we owe him a lot of gratitude for his ongoing work. Our other routes are the Northern Heights (semi-fictional part of LU Northern Line) and the fictional Richwell Network.

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About our Trains

Our trains are built by the dedicated train building team at BRT. We currently host 17 trains with a further 3 in production, one of which includes the much anticipated Class 57. This will include several versions of all three variants – 57/0 (in production), 57/3 (now released) and 57/6 (in production). Our mainline trains include the Class 59, 60, 67, 142, 143, 150/1, 150/2, 155, 168/1, 168/2, 171, 175, 180, 319, 320, 321/4, 321/9, 421 and 455; all of these trains feature photographic animated cabs, highly realistic sounds and BVE4 plug-ins fitting the trains with working UK safety systems, working rain and wipers and traction motor cut out (AC/DC only).

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BVE is a free cabview train simulator, which can be downloaded from Mackoy’s Website.

It has very advanced, complex features which simulate how real trains really work, more than any other train simulator available! Routes and trains are available across the internet, set in the UK and abroad. Some new BVE4.2 compatible routes are fitted with AWS safety systems and have working rain and fog features. The best thing about BVE, however, is that it is completely free, and all of the downloadable add-on’s are too!

During 2008 and early 2009 a new simulator was developed, heavily based on BVE. OpenBVE provides a much more interactive user interface as well as vastly improved features and capabilities, such as the ability to have exterior views. For more details, please visit the OpenBVE website.

Other resources available at BRT include objects in the new BVE tools section. This aims to assist BVE route and train developers in their work. A new BVE4 coding guide has been introduced this at the beginning of the year, and features a whole list of BVE4 codes that you can use in your BVE4 routes, to create amazing add ons! A Photography area is also available, which feature railway photographs from around Britain taken on my many photting and tour trips.

All the files that can be downloaded from BRT are virus scanned before they are uploaded, so they will not contain any viruses. However, I cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage to any files on your computer.
Please do enjoy the site, and enjoy BVE, but remember that BVE is a freeware simulator, and all it’s add-ons are free, so authors use their on free time to create them. Please respect the products you download, and use them well!

BVE Routes & Trains supports the BVE Developer Guidelines – Click for more details, and all the work on this site is in keeping with them.

If you need to ask me any questions regarding anything on the site, please do not hesitate to drop me a message via our Contact page.


BVE Routes & Trains is hosted by Thomas Cairns at Southwesternlines.co.uk.

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