Feeling Trapped In Your Marriage? We’ve got you covered

Those of you who are staunchly into monogamous relationships might be shocked out of your skins on reading the very title of this article but sadly, this is the truth involved in a significant part of relationships today at Position1. We all have been brought up with the consciousness that being faithful to your better half is the only rational and respectable way to lead your life, but in the busy, emotion-starved world of today, things have gone for a toss: man and wife are finding it too strenuous to live under a roof and sleep with the same familiar person day after day. This affects their conjugal life eventually (as expected) and they seem to fall apart at the slightest of things.

bve-assIt is to combat these problems that present day relationship counselors are prescribing what is technically called ‘polyamory’, or, to put it simply, dating other people while legally being attached to your married partner. This is quite akin to having an open relationship, actually but has even far reaching roots that cause even greater tectonic shakes. This has got to do a lot with the social stigma associated with marriage. For example, say,  to a single, potential date it is quite shocking to accept that the person he or she has just met over coffee and has started liking, as it were, is actually very much married. This is a huge dampener and causes quite an embarrassment to both the parties involved or dating Lincoln escorts. The single person may feel humiliated and insulted and might even presume to be treated as a slut.

So the question arises why do people at all go for such a taboo of a relationship outside marriage?

The answer is very simple-sexual boredom and the willingness to explore other options beyond marriage. For most of us today, unflinching devotion to one’s wife or husband is an obsolete idea! We want a déjà vu, a replication of the exact thrill that we had when we first fell in love. This is why we keep on looking for that novel experience in spite of being in wedlock. You’ve got to find the right kind of relationship for your marriage, these callgirls listed in Nottingham cover appointments with your partner, very important if you are both wanting to share the women.

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Another reason is the monotony of marriage, or the five-year itch. After sleeping with the same person over and over again, we all get bored. The truth is that every one of us feels trapped and bored inside an old marriage; the only way is to renew our energy in life by rekindling the love by dating other people. There are in fact several sites for married people to go dating. Its benefits are that you will either grow strongly attached to your married partner, or you might finally decide to terminate your dragging relationship. Dating other people helps you make this one crucial decision in life. On the other hand, you might decide to remain good friends. Truly, nothing jazzes up your married life than a fresh bout of dating! It boosts our body, mind and makes you feel young and fresh again!

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