Six Tips For Dating An Escort

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Dating your escort sounds just like the fairy tales and the chick flicks, isn’t it? You are friends, then suddenly you discover your feelings for each other, there is an attraction and you enter a sexual relationship. Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to follow a number of tips in case of such a relationship. We have listed them down for you:

  1. bve-dina-escortBe consistent in your behavior: You must be sure of the fact whether you are in the friend-zone or not. Your friend might flirt casually without any real intention in mind. So you need to confirm first whether you are just a friend to them or not. Only after knowing this, you can formally ask them out.
  2. Be sure of what you want: You need to first sort out your ulterior motives. Are you suffering from frustration as a result of being in a chain of unsuccessful relationships? Are you looking forward to date your friend just because they are single as well as easily available? If you are only concerned about satisfying your own needs, you are being selfish. But still, if you feel that you want your escort to know about your feelings, then you should go ahead.
  3. Communication is important: Even if you consistently communicate with your escort, you should verbally let them know about your feelings. You have to be clear about voicing your feelings and stop from dropping mere hints. Be direct and speak up about your feelings. If you are scared, it will only result in awkwardness. You should tell them about your feelings which will, in turn, help them to decide what they want as well.
  4. Stop being weird: Do not forget the fact that you were friends with each other in the first place. A friendship forms the foundation of any relationship, so never forget that. Dating someone whom you barely know can be pretty awkward. Your companion is, on the contrary, someone who knows you very well. So do not act weird and go for it.dina-bve
  5. Physical intimacy has to be careful: Take measured steps when it comes to physical intimacy. Start with small steps like snuggling or even holding hands. Small gestures like these will not ruin your friendship. If you are still not sure, you can move till kissing. If there is no mutual attraction till then, then it is better to stop there. Going further than that might destroy your friendship.
  6. Do not have expectations of real love: Do not get inspired by the Hollywood movies and indulge in fantasies. Do not expect that you too will have a fairy tale romance like them. Be accommodating towards your girl as well and take due note of what he or she wants. Do not plan way ahead and take things slowly.

So, if you are about to date or are dating an escort keep these points in mind!

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